• boostez vos ventes grâce à la réalité augmentée

    Furniture Professionals,

    Raise Up yours sales with our commercial app.
    since 190€/mth !

  • visuels3D photoréalistes

    Photorealistics 3D visuals,

    Free yourself from photo studio.

  • catalogue ipad smartphone mobilier 3D

    Your 3D digital catalog on tablet & smartphone,

    Equip yours salesmen with our app & raise up your sales.

  • catalogue numérique réalité augmentée aménagement

    AR fitting and setting up products,

    Colors, coatings, places, … Yours customers try yours Augmented reality products before to buy them.

Digital solutions to transform the sales process of furniture!

innersense augmented reality-furniture

Customers are connected, they search products online before visiting a shop, are looking for customized products and a unique experience. InnerSense, a fast-growing french startup, offers web and mobile solutions using 3D and augmented reality to help furniture professionals in providing a flawless, cross-channel selling experience.

Stay in touch with customers through every channel

Customers use their smartphone to prepare their visit to a store, check products and prices, or simply take pictures of their interior in search of the perfect fit. InnerSense helps professionals in the furniture market adapt their sales process to these new habits. Using dedicated solutions on web and mobile, a customer can go through a catalog of products, customize each object in photorealistic 3D, build a 3D layout of the project, and immediately visualize the result in their own interior. With these digital tools, every professional can now stay in contact with their customers, before they visit a shop, while they are in the store, and even after they returned home.

Dedicated solutions for each professional in the furniture market

InnerSense provides manufacturers with an improved, flexible, digital version of the old-fashioned catalog. Based on a mobile application, it is very easy to update and deploy, and includes 3D
visualization and customization of each product in real-time.

For distributors, InnerSense developed a complete set of digital tools, based on mobile and web technologies, that will provide a connection with the customer through every channel : web-based 3D configurator, in-store tablet solution for 3D planning and product customization, and even “virtual tryout” of products at home using Augmented Reality on mobile.