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Why working with us?

Rendering quality, following real dimensions accurately, furniture specialist … here are just some of the advantages!

Rendering quality

Our 3D rendering engine strives to make the grain of the leather, the mesh of the fabric, the grain of the wood, or the color of your product like a real one.

Real size

The stability of our AR engine and the care we take in the digitization of your furniture ensures that the dimensions of your furniture are fully respected.

Home furnishing only

Our commitment to the furniture industry allows us to provide you with tools adapted to your needs, your expectations and your customers.

Integrated solutions

You’re currently using Magento, Prestashop, SAP, Ecolix, …?
You already have a mobile app?
No worries, whatever you have, we adapt our solutions to your software.

Who we are?

Les experts de la 3D et de la Réalité Augmentée pour les professionnels du meuble et de la maison.

Created in 2014

25 employees

Southern France

more than 30 iOS and Android mobile apps

more than 10,000 3D models

40+ customers all around the world