Innersense awarded Pass French Tech 2018

par Fanny | Sep 2018

This year, Innersense is one of the top #3 companies to be awarded the Pass FrenchTech 2018 !

What is the French Tech ?

“French Tech” refers to all those who work in or for French start-ups in France or abroad. Entrepreneurs in the first place, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, large groups, associations, media, public operators, research institutes… who are committed to the growth of start-ups and their international influence. »

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The Toulouse urban area, made up of the Toulouse Metropolitan Area and Sicoval, was awarded the “French Tech” label in November 2014. This label reflects the commitment of the digital ecosystem, made up of public and private stakeholders, including many entrepreneurs strongly committed to the development of startups. 3 major actions stand out: federating, accelerating and spreading the word. It is in this context that PASS French Tech was launched in Toulouse in the spring of 2015.

What about the PASS French Tech ?

The PASS French Tech is a special recognition within the French Tech label itself. This is a national support program granted to companies in hyper-growth that have an exemplary development and show French know-how, particularly internationally.

The programme teams – composed among others by French Tech, Bpifrance, Coface, DGE, Inpi, Business France – coordinate with the 13 French Tech metropolises to offer “premium” support specific to the hyper-growth issues of these companies (source :

PASS French Tech labelled start-ups are recognizable by this logo :

Logo coq doré Pass french Tech

Innersense, labelled 2018

Innersense was awarded  PASS French Tech label this year with its Toulouse-based peers Delair and SuniBrain in a strong growth dynamic. We are thus joining one of the hundred or so distinguished companies for this 4th edition.

We are proud to be part of the selective club of innovative companies in hyper-growth. Over the past four years, Innersense has been growing and now has about thirty employees. The structure is expanding internationally and has just opened two subsidiaries: in Italy and the United States.

This recognition will allow us to benefit from the expertise of the program’s teams to further improve and develop. In particular, they will help us to perform in our field and give us the keys to continually improve our initial objective: to support furniture manufacturers and distributors in their digital transformation through 3D and augmented reality.

Update 28/08 :

To celebrate the event, our President Stéphane Mercier went to the Elysée on September 24th with all the other 2017-2018 winners. He received the Pass French Tech diploma from Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State for Digital Technology. Pictures will better illustrate the event than words:

Picture of the 107 Pass French Tech winners in the gardens of the Elysée.


Mounir Mahjoubi hands over the French Tech Pass to Stéphane Mercier, President of Innersense.



Fanny for Innersense