KULILE x INNERSENSE : customize with 3D

par fanny | Nov 2019

Kulile is a young company that offers customizable furniture of small dimensions. Recently, the brand launched its web configurator. Desk, chest of drawers, toy chest, all come together in an aesthetic interface and in the spirit of the times for customised furniture to be customised by the family. In this article we have a look back at the genesis of the project.

The genesis

We asked Marion Descottes, the brand’s founder, to find out a little more about what made her decide to embark on the adventure.

What is the genesis of the project? What made you decide to embark on the digital adventure with a web configurator ?

Before creating Kulile, I made custom rooms for children. My daily discussions with my clients made me realize that there was an opportunity to create an online furniture customization offer.  With the web configurator, the user is autonomous, he can personalize his product and thus create a truly personal decoration.

Have you ever had any feedback on the tool? If so, what are they ?

Users appreciate the tool for several reasons: the feeling of being their own creator, the ability to better see the product they are buying (unlike a traditional photo). And it’s also an experience that’s really fun to do as a family!



Perhaps this is not new to you, but it seems useful to us to remind you what a web configurator is. It is an interactive online tool that allows users to customize a product by adapting materials, colours and accessories. Directly integrated into the brand’s website, it offers a 360° view of the product, gives the possibility to zoom in, see details..

Rock Kulile desk with oak structure, tray colour pink


To set up the Kulile web configurator, it was necessary to model in 3D the different products and textures beforehand. Innersense’s asset is partly based on its ability to transcribe the quality and rendering of furniture. Then comes all the “matching” work, i.e. the application of a texture, a colour or a finish on a particular part of a piece of furniture. Innersense relies on its expertise in the sector’s business rules to carry out this step on its content management platform.


The choice of a web configurator

Choosing a web configurator means giving your customers the opportunity to create custom-made furniture, in their image. Logic is often accompanied by a more responsible manufacturing process. For better stock management, raw material management, and a healthier relationship with suppliers, furniture is manufactured on demand or in smaller quantities. Once the product has been configured and the order placed via the brand’s website, production begins. The delay is sometimes a little longer, certainly, but to have a piece of furniture to your liking, a little patience can’t hurt! 😉

Overview of the Kulile configurator on mobile phones – responsive website


Finally, it is important to keep in mind that even if mobile phones have a central role in consumer behaviour, it is not (yet) the medium that most often sees the purchase materialize. According to the latest figures from the FEVAD, “The sites in the iCM panel [Mobile Commerce Index] are still making more and more sales on mobile devices: +25% in the 2nd quarter vs. the 2nd quarter 2018. The mobile channel represents 38% of their total turnover, i.e. 4 points more over a year […]” This trend will continue to grow, but in the meantime, one of the obstacles often mentioned is the ergonomics of the targeted website on mobile phones. Like our client, it is therefore essential to have a responsive site (which adapts to different digital media), especially when offering a web configurator.

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