Taking advantage of containment to develop its offer

par fanny | Apr 2020

We are convinced that this exceptional time we are all living through will have an impact on many things and, among others, on the way we consume. A new challenge for brands and retailers in the furniture and home sector. We help you meet the challenge.


Context and digital

Many articles call for degrowth, to consume less but better. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that consumers will turn their backs on home furnishings or equipment when moving into a new home or a major change in a family (the arrival of a child, for example). This period of containment will undoubtedly have an impact on the way people shop, and the Internet, already very present, could become even more important in the months to come. So how to adapt?

For several years now, the millennials (people born in the 1980s and early 1990s, also called digital natives) have been initiating the movement: online research to get information on products, passing through the physical store to see, touch, get a more precise idea, then buying on the spot or at the best price on an e-commerce site. Consumers are likely to move away from stores and other shopping centres for some time to come. Between the health measures that can still be assumed for the coming months and the fear of the concentration of people in public places, we must try to adapt.

The millennials, therefore, have partly given a boost to digital. By pushing brands to renew themselves, to find new vectors to reach their consumers, the shift has been accentuated and many are those who have already taken the step. Containment forces us to think exclusively digital when we want to exist for the brands, or buy for the consumers. It is clear that this will not remain so clear-cut and we still believe in the complementarity of a physical place and digital tools! Nevertheless, isn’t it time to reinvent ourselves?


Our solutions for your distance sales

INSPI offers a complete omnichannel solution that takes into account the entire sales process (online and in-store) and the purchase process of the end consumer. By focusing on the online aspect in these troubled times, there are many levers for brands to activate.

3D Web configurator

You want to offer an e-commerce site to your consumers, but have a mountain of variations, colours, accessories in the furniture you sell? The web configurator is the interactive tool by excellence that allows the user to customize your Alabama armchair by choosing the mustard colour, the wooden legs and by completing with the cushion option. Zoom, 360° vision, once convinced the consumer adds it all to the basket and it’s done. Seductive isn’t it? One is never better convinced than by examples, so go and have a look at the Kulile website!

The 3D and augmented reality catalog application

A consumer application to download for free that includes your furniture, colors, accessories. On a customization model identical to the one used in a web configurator, the application allows you to view your entire catalog in 3D, customize your furniture, zoom in on details and colors. By adding the augmented reality option, the user will even be able to virtually project the furniture in his living room! Thanks to the link to your website, the consumer can buy the furniture of his choice online. Would you like to test it? Download the Maisons du Monde 3D at home App. To try it is to adopt it (and adapt it to your activity)!

Fitting out in the Boulogne Billancourt store using the Maisons du Monde 3D at Home application



It gathers all the necessary information for salespeople and sales representatives in the same software. Directly accessible on the internet, no complicated installation or blocking compatibility. Designed to work as an interface with the various graphic software on the market (https://home.by.me/en/, Winner Design, 2020 Fusion, Insitu, Kitchendraw, FurnPlan, Carat …), it is the salesman’s companion, his assistant at all times. It can be used in the context of a kitchen, bathroom or dressing room sales project online or directly in the store. Practical, simple to use, offering clear organization and visibility of the activity’s performance (among other things), it is the digital asset not to be neglected! More info here.


Humans are meant to adapt, aren’t they?

And as you can see, we can help you with that. So come and discuss digital, digitization and solutions with us. Let’s look at the positive! Perhaps this containment is the impulse you lacked to realize your desire to digitize. Change is now? 😉

#Stay tuned !