New tech allows visualization of flooring

par fanny | May 2019

You are already familiar with our platform that allows visualization of furniture in high resolution 3D. Innersense continues to innovate by taking our technology to the flooring and wall art space. Imagine trying out floor coverings and wall decor in augmented reality.



In order to visualize a floor or wall covering virtually, the app must be able to scan the entire floor space, detect furniture and objects in the room, build a 3D plan to analyze the space and suggest covering that fit perfectly to the interior.

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The technology uses data in RGBD format. It is a format with colorimetric data (RGB), with the addition of spatial data: depth. The processing of this type of data makes it possible to create a “mesh” of the scanned space. All this is used to obtain information on the depth and therefore distance of the actual filmed or scanned elements from the camera.
To go into a little more detail about the recovery of this data, there are different types of depth sensors. One of them is time of flight, the principle of which is to send a light beam that will be reflected by the objects of a real scene and then received by another sensor. The distance between the first sensor and the objects is calculated from the time value between the emission and the return of the light. The time is converted to distance (D = VxT).
After processing the color and depth information detailed above, it is possible to retrieve a simplified 3D model of the scene scanned by the user.
This type of technology opens the doors to a wide variety of uses, especially given its affordable price for a very qualitative and professional rendering (for a few hundred euros for this type of sensor).

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What about the uses?

Our tool will help drive new home upgrades and renovations and therefore is aimed at two trades: manufacturers or retailers of floor and wall covering products and interior designers.

Manufacturers and resellers
Flooring manufacturers and retailers can utilize the app to target both professional and consumers. I n store it is always difficult to imagine flooring covering and entire room based off a small flooring sample. The concept is to assist the customer’s project visualization by providing an on-site space likened to a fitting room. A dedicated space allowing for the projection of a complete floor or wall covering in augmented reality. The customer will feel more reassured and be able to make a quicker purchase decision.

In addition, this type of store often provides a home installation service. One of the major difficulties that the end customer regularly encounters is to decide on the direction of installation of the parquet floor, for example. It is common to say that the installation of a parquet floor is done in the direction of the main light source of a room. But professionals in the sector agree that the theory does not really take into account the particularities of each room. Equipped with a tablet, they can then easily project the chosen flooring to their customers by varying the installation directions to help them choose the best visual effect.

Architects and interior designers
The tool streamlines the process for architects and interior designers. It will eliminate the need for measuring or referring to floor plans. The app automatically provides the dimensions when it scans the surfaces.

    • Geometry (type of coating proposed)
    • Texture integration
    • Integration of pigmentation (color)

From the first appointment the professional will immediately be able to begin visualizing the possibilities and move into the consulting stage.

We plan to expand capabilities into more sectors as well. Commercial real estate brokers could redesign floor plans in potential properties. Home builders would be able to display the various flooring options to potential buyers.


When will Innersense’s floor-wall application launch?

As you will have understood, our application is perfectly in line with the evolution of the retail approach by customers in all sectors of activity (furniture, coatings, fashion). It provides a technology that intelligently uses digital technology, saves time and helps to project oneself.
The beta version is ready and functional and we will deliver roll out to our first customers in 2019. Interested? ☺

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