ARCore is available in Android : New era for Augmented Reality

par Fanny | mar 2018

New era for Augmented Reality : ARCore is available in Android


Augmented Reality (AR) is a tool designed to make the sales process easier, especially furniture’s, for manufacturers and distributors, as an answer to an increasingly demand coming from the consumers.
Thanks to the AR technologies developed by Innersense, the consumer has access to the entire showroom of a store in real time with all the customization and finishes of the products!

However, so far, an Android mobile user necessarily had to use a paper tag that allowed the mobile device to locate itself in space and get dimensions.
Once spotted and measured, the device is able to display one or more 3D elements in the middle of the room through our application.
All of this was restraining the consumer, either on a contrast-based or size-based criterias … not to mention that you were expected to always carry a paper tag, or at least have a printer available near you!

Those days are gone!

2018 is the year where everything changes for Google, that has just officially launched ARCore. ARCore is an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows the use of Augmented Reality without a maker. A revolution made to catch up on ARKit, the API launched by Apple several months ago.

innersense grid arcore detection augmented reality

ARCore, what is it ?

ARCore is a library, a set of features ready to be integrated into a software or application. It is intended to make possible the use of markerless Augmented Reality on Android devices, and without going through the purchase of an external license developed by a third party (Vuforia or Wikitude for example).

To be more specific, ARCore makes it possible to manage plans detection in the real environment, by locating thousands of targeted points on each image, which allows the instantaneous calculation of its position in space.
This technology allows developers to build applications that understand the user’s real environment and can add 3D items and all the linked information with realism.

Compatibility and limits

Today, ARCore is compatible with only few references, and only on the following smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S7 – S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S8 – S8 +, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, One Plus 5, Google Pixel – Pixel XL – Pixel 2 – Pixel 2 XL, LG V30 – V30 +.

Developement keeps going, Google is aiming for compatibility with more than 100 million devices in the months to come. The firm has already entered into partnerships with several manufacturers, which should facilitate the use of these technologies for the general public in the near future.

Innersense is already compatible with ARCore

Innersense dedicates an important part of its time to watch out technology evolutions, in order to always be up to date and equip customers with the latest technologies. Our developers are looking out for technological innovations, and several of our mobile apps are already ARCore compatible. Furthermore, these new technologies (ARCore and ARKit) are opening up a whole bunch of exciting new uses scenarios, especially on the interaction with the real world!

The revolution of the AR world keeps going and we’re looking forward to seeing the next step !


Fanny and Vincent for Innersense