Furniture market in Italy

par Fanny | nov 2018

Following the launch of our subsidiary in Italy, we wrote a brief overview of the state of the furniture market in the country.

Italy, birthplace of the design industry

Italy, a country of arts and aesthetics, has no longer to prove its place in the design sector. An emblematic nation and a leader in the field, it has combined boldness and know-how as part of its cultural identity for decades.

Each year this specialty is celebrated at the renowned Salone del Mobile in Milan. This unmissable annual show is carefully prepared by the more than 2000 exhibitors who negotiate on this occasion the most beautiful transactions of the year. This is the time for visitors from all over the world to see the innovations concocted by these many medium-sized companies. Indeed, the design, manufacture and distribution of furniture, decorations and furnishing accessories are still mainly owned by family and specialized companies.

Italy is the 4th country furniture manufacturer

In 2018, Italy is the world’s 9th largest economy in the world (data source : IMF) and its GDP is increasing. It was also the 4th furniture manufacturer country in 2016 of which France is the first importer. (data source : Les echos).


Worldwide, the production of furniture and furnishing accessories amounted to €343 billion in 2016 *. Italy, Germany, Poland and England alone cover more than 60% of the European market according to a 2016 SCIL report. Italian production was €25 billion in 2015 according to the FederlegnoArredo, the association of companies in the Italian furniture sector.

Among these expenses, some segments stand out. It can be seen that the living room/dining room furniture market accounted for nearly 29% of the Italian market in 2018. This is followed by bedroom (19%), office furniture – BtoB and BtoC- (16%) and kitchen furniture (15%). **

Italy is a promising market with good growth prospects in this area. In particular, it can rely on its reputation: “made in Italy” sells! Among the major iconic manufacturers, we can mention Natuzzi, Poltronafrau, Flos for lighting, Scavolini for kitchens or Molteni group (which owns the Molteni & C and UniFor brands among others).

3D for crafts and design

By 2021, growth of about 3% is expected in the sector*** (about €240 million). Great prospects for the country!

Italy is well-known for the beauty and exceptional quality of its products. Some leading and pioneering players are already using 3D technologies. We can mention Bontempi, Aerre Italia and Château d’Ax which have recently launched their application developed by Innersense. Faced with international competition and the development of pure players, converting to phygital is the next step so that independent family brands can maintain their dominant market position.

To best reflect product quality, it is essential to have tools and 3D rendering of exceptional quality. It isInnersense strength that has developed its own 3D engine to honour the exceptional products modeled by its graphic designers.


Julie et Fanny for Innersense

* data source : Ameublement français 2016 – ** data source : datas from Statista, december 2017 – *** data source : datas from Statista