Leroy Merlin digitizes the garden

par Fanny | mag 2018

The “Mon Abri 3D” mobile app from Leroy Merlin allows you to personalize and visualize your future garden shed in real time.
It’s (almost) summer! Time to think about gardening and tool storage. In order to offer an ever more innovative and customizable service offer, the company offers its customers the “Mon Abri 3D” (My 3D Shed) mobile app. Configure, customize, visualize !


Leroy Merlin digitizes the garden’s universe

For several years the Leroy Merlin brand has been digitizing its services and points of sale. To meet the demands of an increasingly challengingclientele, it chose to develop both its physical stores and its online services. Theambition is to offer ever more user-friendly stores and customizable solutions.

After the world of the kitchen and dressings, Leroy Merlin moves to the 3.0 garden and gives its customers the possibility to createtheir garden shed and see it in their environment using a tabletor a smartphone.


« Mon Abri 3D » converts your garden

 Design isn’t exclusively for interiors, it is now also possible to arrange your garden !
Leroy Merlin called on Innersense for the development of its mobile/tablet application “Mon Abri 3D”. Through this app, it is easy to create a garden shed from A to Z. You can choose the dimensions, the material (wood, resin, steel), add a window or an accesory (water collector…). As the design progresses, the basket is updated, which allows the user to manage his budget.

The next step is to allow the user, or his client, to see his future shed at home using « Augmented Reality ». Equipped with a tablet or a mobile, he just needs to scan his environment so that the tool can recognize the ground : the product then appears in the desired place, in real size.

Moreover, since the application is free and available on Google and Apple stores, everyone can design and see their product in augmented reality at home.

Utilisation de l'application "Mon Abri 3D" de Leroy Merlin
Using the “Mon Abri 3D” mobile app of Leroy Merlin


An application wouldn’t live without regular updates ! New products were added to the virtual catalog at the beginning of the year. The application is now available on iPhone and compatible with ARKit augmented reality technology.


Digital, an amazing selling tool

Such a change in the habits of sales staff can make them wary. Like any change, this implies support. You have to give the product a chance and take the time to tame it. Innersense offers this support and makes its staff available to guide professional users as well as individuals.

Once adopted, this technology becomes an incredible sales tool and increases customer commitment tenfold. Totally involved in the project, he participates in its development supported by the sale consultant and adapts his desires in real time. This greatly reduces the percentage of potential disappointment once the product is installed at home.
One last dimension needs to be taken into account : that of pleasure. Choosing a garden shed at Leroy Merlin becomes fun. Digital attracts and makes the customer live a special experience. It makes him want to come back or use the mobile app again from home.

Personalize, visualize, project yoursel : adopt « Mon Abri 3D » !



Pauline and Fanny for Innersense