3D and AR uses for furniture manufacturers

par fanny | lug 2019

The furniture market is undergoing a major transformation and furniture manufacturers are considering reorienting their strategy, particularly towards digital and new technologies. A vast subject that is well worth a blog article on the uses of 3D and augmented reality for manufacturers of consumer and contract products!


Manufacturers of consumer products

The first use that can be thought of is the digitization of catalogs. By this we mean the 3D modeling of the brand’s products to be integrated into a tool, such as a mobile application available on tablets and smartphones.

A paper catalog can be heavy, take up space and must be republished with each new collection. A catalog on a tablet has definite advantages: regular updating or on demand according to new developments, the absence of often expensive photo shoots and heavy logistics, a unique and transportable support everywhere. By equipping its sales forces and salespeople, the manufacturer has another advantage. The digital system thus integrated allows the multiplication of the offer without multiplying the square meters. Moreover, with the augmented reality option as a complement, it is no longer necessary to go prospecting or customer service with demo trucks: they are definitely replaced by the tablet that allows you to customize, visualize and project products on a scale and in real time.

Digital Stressless catalog made by Innersense


Catalog on tablet is becoming essential in the face of international competition and is a definite differentiating factor. It quickly shows the richness of the products, the multiple proposals of accessories and finishes. More than a simple catalog, it manages complex price rules, leaves the choice to display prices or not and can be the centralized and digitized tool for order taking (which avoids errors).

Finally, a use that is not yet widespread but which would benefit from being so: 3D prototypes. Presenting virtual prototypes and projecting them in augmented reality allows the manufacturer to gather the opinion of resellers before making the products. A good way to test the market before you start!


Manufacturers of contract products

Another privileged target and promising segment for manufacturers is the contract. The challenge for professionals is to convince their target to make a major purchase of furniture in order to set up a restaurant, hotel or café. The idea is therefore to equip them with an efficient sales tool. The augmented reality option immediately causes the wow effect when the ideas of the hotel-keeper/restaurant… come to life instantly in the environment to be created.

Manufacturers then stand out from the competition and engage their customers from the first meeting. They feel guided and can change their requirements as they discuss with manufacturers. The meeting ends with the sending of a screenshot of the layout made together with a follow-up email and a quote. This will increase efficiency and shorten the sales cycle.

Space layout by Navailles – © Navailles


Market potential

France and digital technology go hand in hand. The French market is considered to be avant-garde and buoyant. It is a market that is gradually experimenting and convincing European players that the use of 3D is a key to the coming years.

INNERSENSE pushes innovative ideas and relies on its customers, major market players, to convince them of the weight and strength of these tools.

Faced with an increasingly demanding clientele that asks to “see to believe” or rather see to buy, it is surely time to think about converting to 3D? 🙂

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