Maisons du Monde 3D at Home

par Fanny | ott 2018

As part of the deployment of its home decoration consulting services, Maisons du Monde called on Innersense to develop its mobile app “3D at Home”. Thanks to this application, the company’s customers can visualize more than 600 products in augmented reality in their own interior.


The Decoration Workshop of Maisons du Monde

Always attentive to its customers, Maisons du Monde has chosen to support them and provide them with tools to make their task easier: “Redecorating has never been easier”, the brand headlines.
In several of its stores in France and Europe, the company dedicates a space for the Atelier déco where sales consultants can guide and help customers with their interior decoration project.

In addition, there are three new digital home decoration consulting services: an augmented reality application to visualize products directly in your home; a web platform that allows you to create 3D plans of your home independently, and to furnish it with Maisons du Monde furniture and decoration (Homebyme) ;  and an interior design service provided by a professional decorator (Rhinov).


3D at Home

“Maisons du Monde 3D at Home”is a mobile application available on the stores and developed by Innersense.
More than 600 products and their textures have been integrated into the application. Every customer with a compatible smartphone can download it, browse the catalogue and project the chosen product directly at home. It is possible to change the colors and test if the rendering corresponds to the user’s expectations!

Even better, the application has a multi-product function. We can add elements to create a complete layout according to everyone’s tastes and budget.

Aménagement dans le magasin de Boulogne Billancourt à l’aide de l’application Maisons du Monde 3D at Home


The launch of this application and other home decoration consulting services took place on September 14, during the inauguration of the Maisons du Monde store in Boulogne Billancourt, France. Several days after the launch, the application displayed a very high number of downloads. A very promising start!

If you also want to test, it’s here to download the application on theApp Store or the Google Play. It is already available in France, the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany.


A collaboration based on innovation

Maisons du Monde and Innersense teams worked closely together to launch this new application and offer a user experience that combines ease of use, realism and service. The application will be enhanced with new product references over the months to continue to facilitate the decoration projects of Maisons du Monde’s customers.



With the collaboration of Maisons du Monde,
Pauline and Fanny for Innersense